Graham started researching the ‘craft beer phenomenon’  while finishing off his time in a multinational corporation. “By the time I left I had convinced my restaurateur friend Andre to team up with me and we had already begun working on recipes and branding.” They brewed their first lager in May 2014, using a rudimentary 50-litre brewing system, ‘at a mate’s house on the South Coast’. “The beer tasting trip to California we took shortly afterwards proved to be a life changing experience. We saw the cutting edge of the craft beer movement and, for the first time, fully realised what a fantastic environment the craft beer business is – and how incredible the taste and quality of beer could really be.”

What do you think about the explosion of the craft beer industry?
It’s fantastic! Its driven by the undisputable fact that people have grown tired of only drinking beer made by huge international companies. People today want individuality and variety. This is brilliant not only because of the choice and quality available through craft beer but also because it’s an opportunity for the entrepreneurial spirit. It stimulates the economy and creates jobs, which is exactly what we need in South Africa. Jobs and great beer. That’s something to celebrate!

What sets your beer apart?
As die-hard Durbanites, surfers and self-proclaimed punks, we have the creative spirit needed to make an exceptional craft beer that stays true to the craft beer movement, and the soul of Poison City. Our brand is all about the place we live in. We want to showcase this amazing stretch of Africa and we want the people who live here to see us as their beer of choice.

Give us a breakdown of the beers in your range
We launched with ‘The Bird’ lager – a slow brewed German style lager, and followed with The Punk Rocker – a traditional English Pale Ale. We’re about to release a Belgium Wit beer called The Kiff and are busy working with a Czech master brewer to create a masterpiece called ‘The Other Bird’. Our first three beers are easy drinking session beers, but are all still distinctly craft-like with great flavour. And flavour is our priority here – not bitterness. The Other Bird will be more complex and better suited to people who are really serious about craft beer. It will be our defining product and one we expect to reach the upper echelon of craft beer quality in South Africa

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